Card and Document Registration

Store data from important documents and cards for quick, emergency retrieval. In the event of a loss, members can call the toll-free number (24/7) to retrieve data from important registered documents and cards. Members can also change and update their registered information at any time.

Card Patrol

Members can register up to 10 cards per account holder and receive an instant e-notification of suspicious activity associated with those registered card numbers. Your valued members are provided with real-time, online monitoring of exposed debit/credit card numbers to help prevent fraudulent charges before they occur.

Credit Alert

A daily, one-bureau Credit Monitoring Service that notifies members whenever an inquiry is made into their credit history or certain negative information is added to their Credit Report. If there are no changes to the members' credit file they receive a quarterly 'No Activity' notice.

Document and Personal Property Registry

Your members will take comfort knowing they have registered their important documents and personal property, in one place at one time. If their documents or property are ever lost, stolen or destroyed, they simply call one toll-free number to receive all the information they need to have their documents replaced or insurance claims filed. They can register documents such as birth certificates, passports, and insurance policies. They can register personal property such as major appliances, computers and electronic equipment.

Fraud Assistance

Our Fraud Assistance provides members with access to a highly-trained team of specialists who are ready to provide assistance when an account holder has been a victim of identity theft. Members receive a Personalized Fraud Resolution Kit. The kit contains a comprehensive assembly of contact information, procedures for resolution, and preventative tips for avoiding future identity theft as well as personalized letters.


This program protects members from Identity Theft through monitoring, detecting, and alerting members to potential mistaken identity or fraud. In addition, IdentitySecure is there to help take steps in restoring the damage that is caused by these crimes should they occur.

Payment Card Protection

In the event of loss of a registered card, program members make one telephone call to our toll-free emergency number; their credit, debit and ATM card companies will be notified immediately. Special fraud liability protection covers fraud liability for which the customer may be held responsible. Emergency cash and airline tickets for travelers are also included in the service (some restrictions may apply).

Fraud Assist Toolbox

This convenient, online tool helps streamline the identity theft prevention and recovery process. Members can choose to set fraud alerts, stop pre-approved credit offers, and stop unwanted telemarketing calls.

Identity Theft Insurance

Program members receive financial compensation for qualified expenses incurred in the recovery of a stolen identity (such as lost wages, legal fees, certified mail and long distance charges).

Key Ring Protection

Everyone loses keys, and program members will like the confidentiality of this free service. Key rings are engraved with a unique registration number, thus protecting the owner's privacy. The finder is instructed to drop the keys in any mailbox and they will be returned to the member free of charge.

Luggage Protection

Lost, stolen or misplaced luggage can ruin any trip or holiday. Members who register for Luggage Protection are assured that their luggage, when found, will be returned. The personal luggage protection tag instructs baggage handlers, hotel clerks, taxi drivers, or anyone who finds the luggage to call the Luggage Protection toll-free number. Upon verification of the registered number, the Customer Service Center will make an immediate call to the member informing him/her of the whereabouts of the luggage and how to recover it.

My ID Matters

This educational Web site is designed to keep your members informed of topics associated with personal identity and security fraud. They will learn tips to stay protected from the latest fraud scams, trends, and tactics and also have the opportunity to sign up to receive a quarterly e-newsletter with additional news and information. Consider My ID Matters their one stop for fraud and identity protection news and education.

Triple-Bureau Credit Alert Monitoring

Early detection of suspicious activity and errors in credit reports are essential to minimizing both the damage incurred by identity thieves and the time needed to rectify any issues. Daily monitoring of all three credit bureaus will notify members of any new inquiries, certain derogatory information, accounts opened, public records added to their credit files, etc. If no information has been added or changed, the member will receive a Quarterly All-Clear Notification and enjoy the added security of confirming that their credit reports remain free of suspicious activity.

Triple-Bureau Credit Reports

With Triple-Bureau Credit Reports your members will receive up-to-date credit reports and credit scores from all three major credit reporting agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Combined, the credit report and credit score provide a valuable picture of your account holders' overall credit standing and help identify critical errors in their personal financial data.