Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

All eligible members are covered against accidental loss of life. Insured members are covered for loss caused by an accidental injury anytime and anywhere in the world. Dismemberment coverage is paid as a percentage of the 24-hour principal sum.

Common Carrier Insurance

Accidental Death Insurance coverage is provided to the member for injuries resulting in loss of life when boarding, riding, or alighting from a licensed common carrier (airplane, bus, or taxi) as a fare -paying passenger.

Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

In uncertain times, give yourself added peace of mind. If any of your members become involuntarily unemployed, our IUI will make their monthly payments to you. Certain terms and conditions apply.

Tenant Liability Insurance

Landlord's have the right to require Tenant liability insurance. We offer an affordable liability coverage that Landlords can "force place" on non-responsive Tenants for a cost less than comparable coverage available to Tenants.